Tuesday, February 5, 2008


ok i have tried a ton of ebay sales techniques that have all been well scams! they gave me alot of info but no contacts to get produts from. after losing my job at coca cola i needed a way to make some fast cash to keep the bills paid and a roof over the heads of me and my two little girls. i tried searching for a job online and with all the pop ups on my comouter i became interested in selling on ebay. i payed for several courses and learned alot of techniques but no one showed me how to get contacts to the cheap products like wii consoles and nintendo 360 or DS or the nike shoes and designer purses i see on ebay all the time. finally after 3 weeks out of work i decided to take a chance and get a cash advance from my credit card to pay the bills and use my extra time serching for products to sell on ebay.

Well it wasnt easy,infact i found nothing but products that were not in demand so they wouldnt sell if i bought them. after spending most of my cash on hand on bills and other ebay courses i was down to about a weeks worth of bill money. at this point i got desparate and i decided that i would just ask the sellers on ebay. well that didnt work at all,they never replied. Then a week and a half later as i was contemplating bankruptcy an older women named ruth that sells designer hand bags and suits on ebay sent me an email saying that she was retiring from her ebay business and asked if i wanted to buy it.

i told her if it wasnt free i couldnt afford it, but it would be a blessing if she would tell me where i can find wholesale items. she emailed me her phone # in california. It was so embarassing that i had to call her collect from a pay phone a block from my apartment. she was so warm and understanding as i apologized over and over. We talked for a full hour as i told her my story and she told me hers, She told me that her husband past away3 years ago and left her with nothing but bills ,debt,and a funeral to pay for. and that her 28 year old nephew bought her a computer and walked her through the steps of selling on ebay,and that now she makes $7,000.00 to $8,000.00 every month. She said she had saved enough and was moving to st.lucia to retire, which is why she wants to sell her store..finally she said she would email me the website where she has gotten 90% of her ebay contacts to buy gucci and louis vuitton hand bags,st john and armani suits, and even nintendo and wii consoles(but she admitted that she never bought any consoles because she is an old lady and doesnt understand that stuff.)

After i walked back home with my little girls all i could do was hope that she would keep her word,besides she knew what it was like to be as broke as i was. i got home and turned my computer on to see that she had already sent the email of the website . It was as simple as it could be. www.ebaydropshippingwholesalers.com i felt like an idiot for not thinking of the website,but i thanked her and went right on. they explained everything extremely well (but i wanted contacts for products) and there they were all the products that i had been wanting and a few that i had not thoght of. I quickly joined and payed the 47 buck fee . besides it was only 47 bucks,i had payed $200.00 and $300.00 to other sites that gave me no contacts to the product,plus i had ruth 's ebay history that showed that she sold hundreds and hundreds of designer bags and suits.

After i joined i immediately contacted 2 dropshippers and filled out an application with them and got a guranteed price for of $250.00 for fendi purses that ebay was selling for $450.00 and a guranteed price of $125.00 for wii game consoles with 14games that were selling for $300.00 on ebay. The rent was past due so i started my ebay account and followed the instructions from the ebaydropshippingwholesalers.com course and i listed for sale 5 wii consoles with 14 games and 5 fendi purses. 3 days later they all sold (some buyers payed right away and some took a few days to pay) but i made $1966.12 profit in 7 days . i broke down in tears and thanked god for ruth, her nephew and ebaydropshippingwholesalers.com. I have been selling on ebay for 6 weeks now and im learning more everyday, i get to pick up my girls from school and i am thinking of buying a new range rover for my girls, but i want to build up my savings to $25,000.00 before i go shopping. i am never going back to work for another beverage company. i just had to share my story and testimony with someone , because i know there are other people out there that are in the same position i was in. So since ruth is in st. lucia by now ,take it from me. this site will change your life. www.ebaydropshippingwholesalers.com